::: Our team

::: Jonah Davies

[Business Strategy]

[Orthopedic Surgeon ] [Trauma | Shoulder and Elbow specialist, Seattle]

Jonah founded DXA with Julien and piloted the project from the start. Musculoskeletal problems represent close to 25% of all ambulatory care visits in the U.S. and Canada. Having him as a content expert gives DXA some serious knowledge. Dr. Davies is particularly interested in design and enterprise philosophy.

::: Alexandre Ayotte

[Lead Programmer]

Alexandre A. has made a 25+ years career in various projects as a gifted programmer. Front-end, graphic design, UXP, database structuring: he is versed in many programming environnement and languages. Alexandre is passionate about education and how a user interacts with our solutions.

::: Alexandre Tratch

[Data Scientist]

[ER physician, CHUM] [FRCPC]

Alexandre T. is a board certified emergency medicine physician. He is a field expert and very patient oriented.. His expertise is extremely valuable in content review and machine-patient interaction. 

He is also a skilled data scientist bringing his expertise in all ml+ projects. Alexandre T. is a thinker and likes to have a broad view of the problem before designing a solution.

::: Julien Martel

[President and CEO]

[Data Scientist & Machine Learning Expert ] [ ER physician , CHUM]

Julien has been working @ the CHUM for the past 7 years. He developed a unique profile bridging the gap between AI and the medical world by becoming a machine learning expert and data scientist. He brings practical solutions, is passionate about learning other businesses challenges and solving them through AI. He is also involved in developing optimization tools in finances, accounting, marketing and HR.  Julien is goal oriented and never backs down from a challenge.

::: Louis Charbonneau

[Business Development]

[ER physician, CHUM]

Louis has over 15 years of experience in the emergency department. He's occupied managing positions and loves business development. He's been involved in the project from the start, bringing hard work, innovative ideas and know-how that made DXA possible. 

::: Guillaume Slevan-Tremblay

[M.Sc. Biology, Data Scientist]

Guillaume is a skilled statistician with solid knowledge of R and SQL.  His expertise in biostatistics and his scientific mind is an asset to the team.

::: Nicolas Coallier

[Chief Information Officer]

[Lead AI & Machine Learning Developer]

Nicolas is a brilliant data scientist and machine learning expert. His ability to convert theoretical principles to tangible business solutions is second to none. The harder the challenge, the better he shines. He is very interested in healthcare, HR, automatisation and biology.

::: Andréa Gill

 [Ethics and Business Relations, Board Member]

[MBA, Ethical Leadership and Business Strategy, Partner @ Services Praxie , Instructor @ McGill University and ESG UQAM]

Andrea is a member of the Board of Directors @ ml+. In the past 10 years she acted as a consultant in various mandates mainly in strategic planning and business ethics. Andrea has experience in various industries such as: manufacturing, engineering, energy, construction, healthcare, education  and banking. 

::: Bastien Winant

[B.Sc Mathematics and Economics, Data Scientist]

He's a brilliant Data Scientist, with interests in Finances and Robotics, having completed a micro Masters's in the latter.