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:: We love a friendly competition and we believe the best way to improve is to practice often. Therefore, come test your knowledge and measure yourself to your peers with an original dataset.

We're organizing a monthly competition that will always begin with a networking cocktail. During the competition the participants will solve a concrete business problem using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. At the end of the year, the participants with the most points will split the entire pot. The pot will get bigger everytime with the help of our sponsors and the total amount of the entry fees.

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Amount in the pot so far:


1100 $



You would like to bring your company towards artificial intelligence, but you're not sure of its added value?

The ML+you competition gives you the opportunity to benefit from artificial intelligence consulting applied in a business context. At what price? You simply need to give us access to a dataset so that we will base the next competition around one of your problematics. If you'd like, a contribution to the pot would be greatly appreciated.

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